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St. Louis

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1st 00:16VANHitRyan Kesler hit Alexander Steen
1st 01:02VANHitDarcy Hordichuk hit Carlo Colaiacovo
1st 01:08VANHitAlexandre Bolduc hit Roman Polak
1st 01:41STLShotPatrik Berglund Wrist Shot
1st 01:44STLGoalDavid Perron (12) Wrist Shot, assists: Patrik Berglund (7), T.J. Oshie (13)
1st 01:47STLShotRoman Polak Slap Shot
1st 02:17VANHitSteve Bernier hit Derek Armstrong
1st 03:03STLPenaltyMike Weaver Hi-sticking against Tanner Glass
1st 04:45VANShotChristian Ehrhoff Slap Shot
1st 04:58VANHitSteve Bernier hit B.J. Crombeen
1st 05:03VANShotChristian Ehrhoff Slap Shot
1st 05:06VANShotSteve Bernier Wrist Shot
1st 06:16STLHitCam Janssen hit Alexander Edler
1st 06:55STLShotBarret Jackman Slap Shot
1st 07:11VANHitTanner Glass hit David Perron
1st 07:30STLShotPatrik Berglund Wrist Shot
1st 07:30VANHitTanner Glass hit Mike Weaver
1st 08:36VANHitAlexandre Burrows hit Erik Johnson
1st 08:46STLPenaltyErik Johnson Roughing against Alexandre Burrows
1st 09:44VANShotSteve Bernier Tip-In
1st 10:19STLHitEric Brewer hit Steve Bernier
1st 10:25STLHitRoman Polak hit Ryan Kesler
1st 11:20VANHitDaniel Sedin hit Roman Polak
1st 12:03STLShotJay McClement Backhand
1st 12:47STLPenaltyCam Janssen Fighting against Rick Rypien
1st 12:47VANPenaltyRick Rypien Fighting against Cam Janssen
1st 12:47VANPenaltyRick Rypien Match penalty against Cam Janssen
1st 14:44STLShotPatrik Berglund Wrap-around
1st 15:16STLShotDavid Backes Wrist Shot
1st 15:23STLShotAndy McDonald Snap Shot
1st 16:06STLShotAndy McDonald Wrist Shot
1st 16:07STLShotB.J. Crombeen Wrist Shot
1st 16:55STLGoalAlexander Steen (7) Slap Shot, assists: Brad Boyes (17), Andy McDonald (12)
1st 17:48VANHitAaron Rome hit Alexander Steen
1st 17:57STLPenaltyAlexander Steen Tripping against Alexander Edler
1st 18:50VANShotSteve Bernier Deflected
1st 19:59STLShotT.J. Oshie Slap Shot
2nd 00:50STLHitBarret Jackman hit Alexandre Burrows
2nd 01:51VANHitTanner Glass hit Carlo Colaiacovo
2nd 02:28VANPenaltyChristian Ehrhoff Holding against David Perron
2nd 02:41STLPenaltyAlexander Steen Roughing against Ryan Kesler
2nd 02:59STLShotT.J. Oshie Deflected
2nd 03:10STLHitEric Brewer hit Ryan Kesler
2nd 04:00STLShotRoman Polak Wrist Shot
2nd 04:07STLGoalKeith Tkachuk (9) Tip-In, assists: David Perron (11), Roman Polak (5)
2nd 04:40VANHitMikael Samuelsson hit Mike Weaver
2nd 04:55STLPenaltyB.J. Crombeen Slashing against Kyle Wellwood
2nd 05:00VANShotMason Raymond Wrist Shot
2nd 06:06STLHitRoman Polak hit Daniel Sedin
2nd 07:08STLShotBrad Boyes Wrist Shot
2nd 07:33VANHitAlexandre Bolduc hit Derek Armstrong
2nd 07:41VANHitAlexandre Bolduc hit Derek Armstrong
2nd 08:38VANShotMason Raymond Backhand
2nd 09:02VANPenaltyMason Raymond Roughing against David Perron
2nd 09:02STLPenaltyDavid Perron Cross checking against Mason Raymond
2nd 09:57STLHitDavid Backes hit Willie Mitchell
2nd 10:11VANShotDaniel Sedin Wrist Shot
2nd 11:11VANShotMikael Samuelsson Backhand
2nd 11:33VANHitAaron Rome hit Alexander Steen
2nd 12:56STLShotErik Johnson Wrist Shot
2nd 13:39VANHitShane O'Brien hit David Perron
2nd 14:13VANShotMason Raymond Snap Shot
2nd 14:30STLGoalAndy McDonald (12) Snap Shot, assists: David Backes (11), Brad Boyes (18)
2nd 14:39VANHitAlexandre Bolduc hit Carlo Colaiacovo
2nd 15:20VANShotAaron Rome Slap Shot
2nd 15:57VANShotAlexandre Burrows Backhand
2nd 16:09VANGoalDaniel Sedin (10) Wrist Shot, assists: Alexandre Burrows (15), Henrik Sedin (33)
2nd 16:47VANHitRyan Kesler hit Eric Brewer
2nd 17:32STLHitEric Brewer hit Steve Bernier
2nd 17:37STLHitT.J. Oshie hit Kyle Wellwood
2nd 18:55VANHitShane O'Brien hit Brad Boyes
2nd 19:04STLHitBrad Boyes hit Shane O'Brien
2nd 19:23STLHitDavid Backes hit Daniel Sedin
2nd 19:29VANPenaltyAlexandre Burrows Roughing against David Backes
2nd 19:29STLPenaltyDavid Backes Roughing against Alexandre Burrows
2nd 19:29VANPenaltyShane O'Brien Roughing against Alexander Steen
3rd 00:27VANHitSami Salo hit Brad Boyes
3rd 01:38VANShotAlexandre Burrows Wrist Shot
3rd 01:40STLPenaltyPatrik Berglund Cross checking against Alexandre Burrows
3rd 02:43VANShotAlexander Edler Slap Shot
3rd 03:07VANShotMason Raymond Slap Shot
3rd 03:42VANShotKyle Wellwood Wrist Shot
3rd 03:55VANHitTanner Glass hit Brad Boyes
3rd 05:13VANHitTanner Glass hit Barret Jackman
3rd 05:30VANShotMikael Samuelsson Slap Shot
3rd 05:46VANGoalMikael Samuelsson (11) Wrist Shot, assists: none
3rd 06:17STLShotAndy McDonald Wrist Shot
3rd 06:23STLShotEric Brewer Slap Shot
3rd 06:26VANPenaltyWillie Mitchell Hi-sticking against B.J. Crombeen
3rd 07:10STLShotAndy McDonald Wrist Shot
3rd 08:17STLShotEric Brewer Slap Shot
3rd 08:18STLPenaltyDerek Armstrong Cross checking against Roberto Luongo
3rd 08:18VANPenaltyTanner Glass Slashing against David Perron
3rd 08:55VANHitAlexandre Burrows hit Barret Jackman
3rd 09:04STLShotB.J. Crombeen Deflected
3rd 09:07STLHitAlexander Steen hit Alexandre Burrows
3rd 10:01STLHitAndy McDonald hit Aaron Rome
3rd 11:15STLHitDerek Armstrong hit Alexander Edler
3rd 12:01STLPenaltyT.J. Oshie Tripping against Christian Ehrhoff
3rd 12:08VANShotSami Salo Slap Shot
3rd 12:55STLHitMike Weaver hit Mikael Samuelsson
3rd 13:16VANShotChristian Ehrhoff Wrist Shot
3rd 14:11VANShotMason Raymond Slap Shot
3rd 14:40VANShotAlexandre Bolduc Wrap-around
3rd 14:40STLHitBarret Jackman hit Tanner Glass
3rd 14:45VANShotTanner Glass Backhand
3rd 15:16VANHitTanner Glass hit David Backes
3rd 15:27VANHitMikael Samuelsson hit Eric Brewer
3rd 15:47STLHitBrad Boyes hit Willie Mitchell
3rd 15:56STLPenaltyAndy McDonald Slashing against Christian Ehrhoff
3rd 15:56VANPenaltyChristian Ehrhoff Slashing against Andy McDonald
3rd 16:42VANShotAlexander Edler Wrist Shot
3rd 17:39STLShotJay McClement Wrist Shot
3rd 17:50STLShotDavid Backes Deflected
3rd 18:02VANShotHenrik Sedin Wrist Shot
3rd 18:04VANGoalHenrik Sedin (19) Wrist Shot, assists: Daniel Sedin (19)
3rd 18:06STLHitKeith Tkachuk hit Alexander Edler
3rd 18:31STLHitT.J. Oshie hit Alexander Edler
3rd 18:51STLHitJay McClement hit Christian Ehrhoff
3rd 19:59VANShotAlexander Edler Slap Shot
OT 00:19STLPenaltyBrad Boyes Hi stick - double minor against Ryan Kesler
OT 01:28VANShotSami Salo Slap Shot
OT 02:24VANGoalChristian Ehrhoff (9) Slap Shot, assists: Kyle Wellwood (7), Ryan Kesler (23)
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5C. EhrhoffD1024424:47
6S. SaloD0012025:24
8W. MitchellD0000222:35
14A. BurrowsR0112216:41
15T. GlassL0111212:22
17R. KeslerC0100022:29
18S. BernierR0003017:43
21M. RaymondL00-15214:53
22D. SedinL1112022:12
23A. EdlerD00-13022:09
24D. HordichukL000004:42
26M. SamuelssonR1003018:05
29A. RomeD0001010:20
33H. SedinC1112023:53
37R. RypienC0000151:19
42K. WellwoodC0101014:59
49A. BolducC000108:01
55S. O'BrienD00101212:11
1R. Luongo2225.88062:15
4E. BrewerD0002023:15
5B. JackmanD00-21024:13
6E. JohnsonD00-11219:39
7K. TkachukL1011013:04
10A. McDonaldL11-15217:32
17D. ArmstrongC000028:24
18J. McClementC00-12020:10
20A. SteenL1001416:51
21P. BerglundC0003210:17
22B. BoyesR02-11418:13
26B. CrombeenR0002214:38
28C. ColaiacovoD0010013:10
42D. BackesC01-12218:46
43M. WeaverD0010216:28
46R. PolakD01-12019:59
55C. JanssenR000054:04
57D. PerronL0100213:32
74T. OshieR00-12217:25
50C. Mason2630.86762:15
scoring summary
1st Period
16:55STL PPG - Alexander Steen (7) ASST: Brad Boyes (18), Andy McDonald (13) 1 - 0 STL
2nd Period
04:07STL Keith Tkachuk (9) ASST: David Perron (11), Roman Polak (6) 2 - 0 STL
14:30STL Andy McDonald (12) ASST: David Backes (10), Brad Boyes (19) 3 - 0 STL
16:09VAN Daniel Sedin (10) ASST: Alexandre Burrows (17), Henrik Sedin (34) 3 - 1 STL
3rd Period
05:46VAN Mikael Samuelsson (12) ASST: Tanner Glass (5) 3 - 2 STL
18:04VAN Henrik Sedin (19) ASST: Daniel Sedin (19) 3 - 3 Tie
OT Period
02:24VAN PPG - Christian Ehrhoff (9) ASST: Kyle Wellwood (7), Ryan Kesler (24) 4 - 3 VAN
penalty summary
1st Period
03:03STL Mike Weaver  Hi-sticking against  Tanner Glass
08:46STL Erik Johnson  Roughing against  Alexandre Burrows
12:47STL Cam Janssen  Fighting (maj) against  Rick Rypien
12:47VAN Rick Rypien  Fighting (maj) against  Cam Janssen
12:47VAN Rick Rypien  Match penalty against  Cam Janssen
17:57STL Alexander Steen  Tripping against  Alexander Edler
2nd Period
02:28VAN Christian Ehrhoff  Holding against  David Perron
02:41STL Alexander Steen  Roughing against  Ryan Kesler
04:55STL B.J. Crombeen  Slashing against  Kyle Wellwood
09:02VAN Mason Raymond  Roughing against  David Perron
09:02STL David Perron  Cross checking against  Mason Raymond
19:29VAN Shane O'Brien  Misconduct (10 min)
19:29VAN Shane O'Brien  Roughing against  Alexander Steen
19:29STL David Backes  Roughing against  Alexandre Burrows
19:29VAN Alexandre Burrows  Roughing against  David Backes
3rd Period
01:40STL Patrik Berglund  Cross checking against  Alexandre Burrows
06:26VAN Willie Mitchell  Hi-sticking against  B.J. Crombeen
08:18VAN Tanner Glass  Slashing against  David Perron
08:18STL Derek Armstrong  Cross checking against  Roberto Luongo
12:01STL T.J. Oshie  Tripping against  Christian Ehrhoff
15:56STL Andy McDonald  Slashing against  Christian Ehrhoff
15:56VAN Christian Ehrhoff  Slashing against  Andy McDonald
OT Period
00:19STL Brad Boyes  Hi stick - double minor against  Ryan Kesler
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays1/91/5
Faceoff Wins3035
Blocked Shots914
Penalty Minutes3931