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Who is the toughest player in Canucks history?

February 19th is Canucks Tough Guys Night (Part 2) as Vancouver takes on the Dallas Stars.

Tough: (1) Strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling. (2) Able to endure hardship or pain; physically robust. (3) Able to protect one's own interests or maintain one's own opinions without being intimidated by opposition; confident and determined.

Below are the top five tough guys, as determined by your votes from the previous top 10 tough guys poll. We're truly down to the nitty gritty now, each player deserves the honour of being named Vancouver's Ultimate Tough Guy, but only one will earn the title.

Scroll through the choices and vote for who you think deserves recognition as the toughest. If you vote for the player who comes out on top, you could win a tough guys prize.

Contest rules & regulations

Tiger Williams

He rode his stick after scoring and rode his fists to become the NHL’s all-time leader in penalty minutes with 3,966, 401 more than Dale Hunter in second. Tiger was an all-world baller who didn’t think twice about throwing down.

Jack McIlhargey

Old school tough, back when anything went come fight time, Jack Mack was so fast with the fists that announcers had trouble keeping up when he pummeled an opponent.

Gino Odjick

Vancouver’s franchise leader in penalty minutes with 2,217. In 1996-97, Odjick averaged 5.3 PMs a game and finished the year with 371, that’s more than Daniel Sedin has in 10 seasons with the Canucks.

Orland Kurtenbach

“Big Kurt” was legendary for being tough as nails and just as stubborn, a true brute who was the dominant policeman of the 1960s. Kurtenbach was a feared fighter with thunderous fists.

Donald Brashear

Brashear fights were not for the faint of heart. This gladiator strong bohemian handed out pain a punch at a time; put YouTube to work and check out some of his classic bouts. Brashear vs. Domi is classic.



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