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For January 18, 2012

The holiday season is over, not that you'd know from all the snow on the ground in Vancouver. The weather outside is frightful, thankfully this batch of letters is not! Letter opener and Canucks writer Derek Jory is the man behind the answers. Good, bad or otherwise, send Derek your thoughts anytime, he'd love to hear from you. Really. He's bored. We caught him napping on the visitor's bench yesterday...

No short-age of spirit

I was at the Canucks game in Ottawa routing on Vancouver as I always do! Every year I go see the game in ottawa and wear only body paint to the game. This year was different. I was approached during the warm up skate by someone who worked at the arena and they told me that If I did not have proper shorts on I would be ejected from the game...... this was ridiculous to me because I had on proper shorts. Apparently an ottawa fan had complained about me. I quickly approached the glass behind the vancouver bench which was where I was seated and spoke through the glass to the Vancouver Canuck equip manager explaining my situation. To my surprise, he went to the dressing room and threw me a pair of shorts over the glass so that I could stay in the game! The Vancouver Canuck fans went nuts and I was able to stay in the game and cheer the Canucks on!!! Just wanted to say thank you again!


Derek: To recap: you went to a Canucks game wearing nothing but body paint and were surprised when they tried to throw you out? I'm just teasing Cody, the Canucks appreciate your hardcore spirit and while those around you may have seen more than they bargained for before you put on shorts, this is a story to save for the grandkids.

Canucks Nation is everywhere

My wife and I recently returned from a three month backpacking trip through southern Africa. While we were in the Quirimbas Archipelago in North-Eastern Mozambique, we noticed this young lady wearing a Canucks shirt, first, on the dhow ride from Ibo island and then on the truck ride to Pemba. Although I tried in my best Portuguese, to ask her what she thought about the current season, it was pretty obvious that she thought I was just another crazy foreigner. I even tried to teach her to say "Go Canucks" but that didn't work either. Perhaps, it is enough to know that even in some of the remotest parts our our wonderful world, the word is slowly getting out about the Canucks.......


Derek: I read a brocure about the dhow ride from Ibo island and truck ride to Pemba, but it didn't say anything about running into a Canucks supporter. How unique! This must be like when you think you're about to eat a regular Oreo, but instead it's double stuffed; man I love Oreo icing...mmmm...what were we talking about?

Surviving Boston

Any tips on how I as a Canucks fan should prepare for a game in Boston? I have been to many many canucks games, But always at Rodgers arena so I always had the upper hand. Since moving to Boston I have been to many a Bruins games, But at the Gardens and as a Bruins fans wife not really caring too much about the game. Now Its my team vs his team and I want revenge. I am going to wear my Canucks jersey, hat, scarf, face paint you name it...But really these fans here in Boston ARE AWFUL. Any tips lol.


Derek: My bad, I'm definitely getting to this e-mail too late as the Canucks/Bruins game was almost two weeks ago now. Good to hear you survived though Erin...Erin? Hello? ERIN?!?

Live games

Why aren't all Canucks game shown on Sometimes it says Watch Live, other times it doesn't. What gives. Question mark.


Derek: I like what you did there with the question mark at the end Olivia, I think you and I might be friends and not know it. To answer your question: only games broadcast on Rogers Sportsnet Pacific and Sportsnet One can be seen live on Same goes for on mobile. If the Vancouver game is airing on another network you'll have to track down a TV, a 2D television will do fine and you won't have to wear those silly 3D glasses that everyone will be wearing all the time in like two years.

Overheard on THE BOARDS

Burrows Game Winner

After reading a bit about the replay of game 7 topic I decided to make a topic on good memories.

So where were you and what did you do when Alex Burrows slayed the dragon on that fateful night against the Blackhawks in OT of Game 7?

The first thing I remember is my brother screaming his face off like I've never heard before. I ran into the living room to see him jumping and screeming. I looked at the screen to see Burrows sliding on the ice followed by his teammates.

I didn't really do anything special otherwise. Just insane screaming and jumping along with a few "YOU SUCK CHICAGO!"s.

Share your story of what you did and where you were when Burrows scored!


Overheard ON THE BLOGS
Ballard versus Rome and our depth D: Is there really any favourtism by AV?

There are lots of stats you can trot out to make an argument of one versus the other, or that this obviously shows AV is playing favourites versus this stat shows he's playing the guys who provide the best chance to win. Many have tried to use subjective statements to show how obvious it must be, or even the basic stats used by the NHL every day.

Well, I wanted to try and show the reality of how our defencemen our performing beyond our top 4. Settle in for a (hopefully) good read if you're willing.

Lets start with the easy stuff: Bieksa, Hamhuis, Edler and Salo are our best 4 d-men, so I've dropped them from the comparisons for now. Of the remaining 4, Ballard has the most games followed by Alberts (31) then Rome (17) and Sulzer (12). Rome's been held back by injuries so likely would have played more.

Overheard on THE BLOGS
What will we see come Feb. 27th?

As the season goes on, it becomes easier to distinguish who will be looking to sell come deadline, and who will want to spend come deadline.

While some people think we need that one piece to "put us over the top", its unlikely Mike Gillis makes much more of a splash than he did last year. A couple 3rd round picks, and some contract moves and we end up with Chris Higgins and Maxim Lapierre.

The bulk of Canucks fans were left scratching their heads, and searching Hockeydb to get an idea of what they brought to the team. I don't think I need to explain how these moves worked out *cough* pretty damn good *cough*