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Canucks Fantasy Hockey

Welcome! It's a new season, a new game, and it's time for Canucks Fantasy Hockey!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play?

  1. If you haven't already, Register by clicking the Register/Log in button.
  2. Pick 11 starting players for your lineup (6 forwards, 4 defencemen, and 1 goalie). Click SAVE MY PICKS to update your changes.
  3. Pick 3 backup players (1 forward, 1 defenceman, and 1 goalie) who will fill in if one of your starters doesn't play on the night you selected.
  4. Select which game that your players' points will be counted. A player's points are only counted to your score for one game of the contest period, so choose carefully!
  5. Select your "double". You can choose one player from your lineup and have his points count for double towards your score.
  6. Click SAVE MY PICKS and await the results!

You can update your lineup as frequently as you wish up to the next deadline. Once saved, a lineup will continue to be valid for all following contest periods, so keep an eye on your Vancouver Canucks and make any necessary adjustments as the season progresses!

How do I win?

Each month is divided into a number of contest periods. Your score for each contest period is tracked and totalled, and at the end of the month there are two winners declared: One for highest monthly score, and one for highest running-average score.

Highest monthly score is determined at the end of a month, the player who has the highest total score for the previous month's contest periods is declared the winner.

Highest running-average score is determined at the end of a month, and is calculated over all contest periods in the season to date. A player must have participated in at least 4 contest periods to be eligible. The player with the highest running-average score at the end of the month is declared the winner.

If the same player wins both categories, the runner-up in the running-average category will receive the prize.

What's a contest period?

A contest period is a group of consecutive games (usually two) that your lineup's points are collected. Each period has a deadline, which is the starting game-time of the first game in the contest period. You can view the list of contest periods in the Rules & Regulations document.

What are the prizes?

Monthly Prizes - 2 per Month (Regular season only, October through April)

At the end of each month, the winners of the two categories will each receive a signed Vancouver Canucks Jersey ($250 Value).

Grand Prizes - 2 per Regular Season

At the end of the season, the player with the highest total points and the player with the highest running-average points for the season will each win a Pair of 2014-2015 Canucks Playoff Tickets for a home game (if applicable), or a Pair of 2015-2016 Canucks Regular Season Tickets for a home game (~$400 Value).