50:50 Tickets Program

Canucks for Kids Fund 50:50

By participating in the Canucks For Kids Fund 50:50 program, our fans will be contributing charitable proceeds to the Canucks for Kids Fund, which supports various charitable groups throughout British Columbia, including but not limited to Canucks Autism Network, Canuck Place and the BC Children’s Hospital.
Canucks for Kids Fund 50:50

Check for 50:50 Winners

You can easily and quickly check for 50:50 Winners on the home page by vewing the previous game results on the side panel, as seen below:

50/50 Draw

Canucks for Kids Fund 50:50 Rules and Information

  • Tickets are 3 for $5; 7 for $10; or 18 for $20.
  • Must be 19 years or older to purchase a 50:50 ticket.
  • Ticket buyers receive a single printed receipt listing all of the numbers associated with the purchased tickets. The corresponding individual tickets are printed electronically and placed into the draw bin. One ticket is printed and placed in the bin for each ticket purchased.
  • Ticket sales occur at Canucks hockey games at Rogers Arena and must not be sold outside B.C..
  • Tickets are sold from the time the doors open until the end of the 2nd period. Volunteers sell tickets at all entrances to Rogers Arena, on the concourse, in the Centre Ice Grill and in the suites on the 200, 400 and 500 levels. Some volunteers also sell in the bowl during the 1st and 2nd periods.
  • The draw is completed within the first 10 minutes of the third period on the concourse at section 121. A random ticket is drawn from the ticket draw bin by an individual who has not purchased a ticket.
  • The winning number is announced in the 3rd period. In the case of a discrepancy between the announced number and the actual number – the actual number will be considered to be the valid winning ticket.
  • Winning numbers and amounts are also available on the Canucks website at www.canucks.com/5050tickets or by calling the 50:50 hotline number at 604-899-7850.
  • Prizes may be claimed at Guest Services at section 114. Winners have 60 days to claim the prize. Unclaimed prizes will be redrawn during the first game of the next regular season. Only the holder of the winning ticket may claim the prize. Canucks For Kids Fund shall have no responsibility to any other person who claims any interest or right to receive all or any part of the prize associated with a winning ticket.
  • Prize is paid by cheque and will be mailed within 15 days of claiming the prize.
  • Winning numbers and amounts are posted at Guest Services on Level 100 and Level 300 concourses as well as in the Club Section and with all concierge desks on suite levels 200 and 500.
  • The following individuals are not eligible to participate in the 50:50 draws: 50:50 program contractors, staff and volunteers, employees of Canucks Sports & Entertainment who are at the director level or above, and members of the Canucks For Kids Fund board of directors.
  • To contact the 50:50 program, please call the 50:50 hotline number at 604-899-7850 or email us at program5050@canucks.com.
  • In the event that the electronic 50:50 system is unavailable at the time the ticket sales period commences for any game due to technical difficulties or otherwise, the Canucks for Kids Fund will sell paper tickets and will not use the electronic system for that game. Paper tickets will be numbered in sequential order and sold in denominations of 3/$5, 7/$10 and 18/$20, and the draw will be conducted in the manner specified above.
  • If the electronic system experiences any technical difficulties during a game (i.e. at any time after sales using the system have commenced for that game), 50:50 sales will immediately be suspended for the balance of the game. If Canucks For Kids Fund is able to verify that all tickets purchased prior to the suspension of ticket sales have been printed and placed in the draw bin, the draw will proceed and a winner will be announced in the 3rd period of the game. If Canucks For Kids Fund is not able to verify that all tickets purchased prior to the suspension of ticket sales have been printed and placed in the draw bin, the draw will be postponed until such time as Canucks For Kids Fund is able to make such verification. Where a draw has been postponed, Canucks For Kids Fund will announce the winner at the next game as well as making the winning number available online and by phone as indicated above.
  • Each of Canucks For Kids Fund, Vancouver Canucks Limited Partnership, Vancouver Arena Limited Partnership and any presenting partner of the 50:50 program (collectively the “Program Partners”) will administer the 50:50 program in good faith and in the best interests of the charitable beneficiaries. None of the Program Partners (nor any director, officer, or representative of any of the foregoing) shall be liable at any time for any errors, system malfunctions or decisions made in connection with the administration of the 50:50 program.
  • To contact the 50:50 please call the 50:50 hotline number at 604-899-7850 or email us at program5050@canucks.com.

To contact the 50:50 program:

Phone: 604-899-7850 (5050 hotline)
Email: program5050@canucks.com
Mail: Canucks for Kids Fund 5050 Program, 800 Griffiths Way Vancouver, BC, V6B 6G1

2014-15 Winners

Thank you to all our fans for supporting the Canucks for Kids Fund 50:50 Ticket Program.

Game Date Number Jackpot Prize Winner
VS. SAN JOSE SEPT. 23 AA-115694 $24,335 $12,168 Stacey Hollands
VS. CALGARY SEPT. 26 AB-105053 $30,856 $15,428 Peter Wolf
VS. ARIZONA SEPT. 29 AC-100181 $24,635 $12,318 Justin Mills
VS. EDMONTON OCT. 4 AD-127245 $37,465 $18,733 Ian Hulina
TORONTO RAPTORS OCT. 5 ZA-124582 $17,465 $8,733 Jasdeep Singh Gill
VS. EDMONTON OCT. 11 AE-209042 $121,440 $60,720 John Christopher Reid
VS. LIGHTNING OCT. 18 AF-111530 $63,780 $31,890 Darmon Pike
VS. CAPITALS OCT. 26 AG129290 $56,675 $28,338 Danielle Pare
VS. HURRICANES OCT. 28 AH-139549 $47,120 $23,560 Joshua Mackenzie
VS. CANADIENS OCT. 30 AI-112898 $73,765 $36,883 Kenneth Kirky
VS. PREDATORS NOV. 2 AJ-143438 $50,840 $25,420 Victoria Li and Lisa Dawson
VS. SENATORS NOV. 11 AK-127369 $52,910 $26,455 David Doyon
VS. COYOTES NOV. 14 AL-126518 $57,485 $28,743 Michael Zupan
VS. DUCKS NOV. 20 AM-113805 $62,945 $31,473 Amin Shamji
VS. BLACKHAWKS NOV. 23 AN-151803 $62,025 $31,013 Stephen Hankinson
VS. DEVILS NOV. 25 AO-155115 $56,070 $28,035 Alexander Cook
VS. RANGERS DEC. 13 AP-151214 $71,475 $35,738 Kristina Lynn Leon
SUPERSKILLS DEC. 14 ZB-102356 $11,780 $5,890 Trevor Garrecht
VS. STARS DEC. 17 AQ-119410 $62,795 $31,398 John Aikens
VS. FLAMES DEC. 20 AR-149998 $61,965 $30,983 Anoop Hundal & Sonia Bining
VS. COYOTES DEC. 22 AS-104466 $64,200 $32,100 John O’Meara
VS. KINGS JAN. 1 AT-109663 $61,395 $30,698 Elmy Harris
VS. RED WINGS JAN. 3 AU-107590 $76,795 $38,398 Colleen Reed
VS. ISLANDERS JAN. 6 AV-120330 $57,950 $28,975 Curtis Klassen
VS. PANTHERS JAN. 8 AW-132189 $66,100 $33,050 Jacquelyn Jackson
VS. FLAMES JAN. 10 AX-133467 $74,885 $37,443 Michael Joseph Biever
VS. DUCKS JAN. 27 AY-115276 $50,815 $25,408 Derek DUCHARME & Trevor RIPPON
VS. SABRES JAN. 30 AZ-145585 $63,325 $31,663 Rosalea Jacobs
VS. WILD FEB. 1 BA-119304 $46,415 $23,208 Gail Morgan & Heather Toews
VS. JETS FEB. 3 BB-108240 $54,355 $27,178 Mark Carter
VS. SHARKS FEB. 5 BC-163156 $54,775 $27,388 Unclaimed
VS. PENGUINS FEB. 7 BD-163553 $95,485 $47,743 Scott Bell
VS. BRUINS FEB. 13 BE-133634 $91,965 $45,983 Paul Osachuk & Sheldon Lightfoot
VS. WILD FEB. 16 BF-131203 $56,640 $28,320 Timothy Meyer
VS. BLUES MAR. 1 BG-123317 $65,935 $32,968 Carl Miller
VS. SHARKS MAR. 3 BH-113875 $58,335 $29,168 Courtney Kennedy and Erica Jorgensen
VS. DUCKS MAR. 9 BI-105948 $64,130 $32,065 Martin Davis
VS. KINGS MAR. 12 BJ-144251 $66,300 $33,150 David Cooper and Justin Van De Velde
VS. MAPLE LEAFS MAR. 14 BK-146495 $110,155 $55,078 Kevin Vanderkley AND Myrna Paquette
VS. FLYERS MAR. 17 BL-131686 $82,105 $41,053 Jenny ROGERS
VS. BLUE JACKETS MAR. 19 BM-138933 $59,595 $29,798 Jonathan David WEIR
VS. JETS MAR. 24 BN-140857 $74,285 $37,143 Brendan Seward and Regan Hasegawa
VS. AVALANCHE MAR. 26 BO-116153 $64,310 $32,155 Kristen LINDAL
VS. STARS MAR. 28 BP-124317 $82,665 $41,333 Peter Reardon
VS. KINGS APR. 6 BQ-131001 $72,970 $36,485 Douglas North and Ryan North
VS. COYOTES APR. 9 BR-112264 $66,020 $33,010 Bruce Johnson
VS. OILERS APR. 11 BS-159437 $102,610 $51,305 Simerjit Purewal
VS. FLAMES APR. 15 BT-109640 $106,290 $53,145 Robert Palm
VS. FLAMES APR. 17 BU-125036 $115,480 $57,740 Devon Andrew WOLF
VS. FLAMES APR. 23 BV-108355 $111,430 $55,715 Ronald Leroux


Actual odds depend on # of tickets sold.
BC Gaming Event Licence #77214.
Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111
Know your limit, play within it.
19+ to play!

Please play responsibly. For more information, please visit www.bcresponsiblegambling.ca.