Limited number of tickets were just released for tomorrow’s GAME 5 vs. the FLAMES
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Injury Report

Current Injuries

Last updated: April 23, 2015

Zack Kassian

Status: Back (day-to-day)
Sustained: March 17, 2015
Games missed: 19

Alex Burrows

Status: Upper body (day-to-day)
Sustained: April 19, 2015
Games missed: 2

Groin Oct.17.14 7 Nov.4.14
Illness Nov.4.14 1 Nov.6.14
Leg Nov.8.14 2 Nov.14.14
Undisclosed Nov.8.14 2 Nov.14.14
Lower body Nov.4.14 5 Nov.19.14
Lower body Nov.8.14 4 Nov.20.14
Upper body Nov.20.14 2 Nov.25.14
Head Dec.6.14 2 Dec.13.14
Lower body Nov.2.14 15 Dec.12.14
Upper body Dec.20.14 1 Dec.28.14
Finger Nov.25.14 13 Jan.3.15
Flu Jan.6.15 1 Jan.8.15
Flu Jan.8.15 1 Jan.10.15
Flu Jan.13.15 1 Jan.15.15
Groin Nov.20.14 22 Jan.16.15
Upper body Jan.27.15 1 Feb.1.15
Upper body Feb.5.15 2 Feb.9.15
Lower body Feb.9.15 7 Feb.24.15
Upper body Feb.1.15 13 Feb.3.15
Upper body Feb.14.15 8 Mar.5.15
Groin Feb.19.15 6 Mar.5.15
Flu Mar.3.15 1 Mar.5.15
Upper body Feb.14.15 10 Mar.9.15
Foot Jan.16.15 23 Mar.14.15
Broken hand Jan.20.15 22 Mar.14.15
Lower body Mar.5.15 3 Mar.14.15
Upper body Mar.7.15 2 Mar.14.15
Groin Mar.12.15 1 Mar.17.15
Sprained Knee Feb.22.15 21 Apr.9.15
Ankle Mar.17.15 13 Apr.15.15
Undisclosed Apr.7.15 2 Apr.15.15
Undisclosed Apr.19.15 1 Apr.23.15


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