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Round 1, Game 2: Tweet Trail

Check out all the action in the Twitterverse during game two.

Saturday, 14.04.2012 / 1:55 AM / Features
By Ronil Desai

The anticipation was high and as always, Canuck nation was loud and proud representing their team.

Follow the Tweet trail and you could find yourself on the list. 


  • @mozy19 Is it #Canucks-o'clock yet?

  • @HotLightStudio Friday the 13th, #Grimm night, #Canucks in Stanley Cup Play-offs! Best Day EVER!

  • @Daniel_Yellow (To the tune of Friday) It's #GameDay GameDay #Canucks gonna win on GameDay. Go Canucks go!

  • @Kaelitz Listening to a little old lady talk #canucks in the waiting room. It's all kinds of awesome. Never too old to be a fan!

  • @Kiwi05 Proudly rocking my #Canucks shirt in NZ! Bring on Game 2

  • @Darren_Klees My college roommate is wearing a LA Kings sweater and I'm reppin' Team Canada Luuuuongo. Talk about a household divided. Legooo #Canucks

  • @annascottpiano Starting to get the ol pre-game jitters. Desperately hoping for a big #Canucks win! #TIWWLF #heartofacanuck

  • @JackusKJ Dear Hockey Gods. I don't really talk to you much but I'd love to see #Canucks go into Beastmode tonight.

  • @CarLee_ Dearest son of mine, you get to watch toopy and binoo for 15 more minutes then the tv is mine #Canucks

  • @Steph_Machmer Ok I'm ready to cheer scream and jump up and down in my living room lets do this #Canucks #TIWWLF

  • @KMAracing No fans can compare to the heart of canuck fans. Place is louder and so full of energy than any in the league. #canucks


  • @TheSunnyDhillon #Canucks hit the ice at Rogers Arena. Tonight's crowd feels a little louder than Game 1. Team not the only one upping its game.

  • @KentBaskyNM Okay that was a monstrous shift by L3. Chemistry is definitely building there. #Canucks have the Kings scrambling #TIWWLF

  • @joshlavoie If we could get an early lead so my heart rate could drop that would be great. #Canucks

  • @VancityMikeR Ryan Kesler is looking like he might be in that mood.... And I like it. #canucks

  • @JulesRand You can tell Mitchell really misses Henrik by the way he's vigorously hugging him. #canucks

  • @iNylez Come on nucks, know your way more capable of doing more with confidence...#Stressing

  • @z_awada #Canucks killing their own powerplays

  • @Sensfan001Kevin Last minute goals are so deflating, esp after a pretty good period #Canucks

  • @AaronPritchett It's still soooooo early, folks! SO much time left yet, guys. No need to throw in the towel yet!!... I WILL cook dinner! #canucksgamesON!


  • @kyliecarson8 Keep your head up, play hard every shift and hit'em every chance you get #Canucks

  • @ednaphant Honey badger don't care. #canucks

  • @joshlavoie There's the oxygen blast. #Canucks #BreathingAgain

  • @Sir_Earl Baby steps - that time: no SHG. Next time: get a shot. Then sustained pressure. Then a PPG! #Canucks

  • @vkothary  You got to be kidding me...#Canucks

  • @h4kr Can we adopt "penalty declined" from the NFL maybe? #canucks

  • @SajedaVirji  #Canucks playing much better tonight. Unfortunate that two mistakes have led two goals. C'mon boys! #TIWWLF

  • @amberbayani Just rotated spots on the couch to find this year's good luck playoff spot. #Canucks

  • @SeanALarson Possibly the biggest 3rd period since last June coming up for the #Canucks. Let's do this!


  • @simraaanBrar #WinDaTurd #WinDaTurd #WinDaTurd

  • @JonathanK81 This is it Canucks. You have 20 minutes to show the world why you're the Top Seed in the Western Conference. LA is #8 for a reason. #Canucks

  • @hollyjeanyip I don't have the answers to the special teams conundrum. but i have anger toward the current situation. #Canucks

  • @axmack If you can't score you might as well play to smash them through the boards and make them think twice about playing next game. #canucks

  • @MissAmyIcasiano #Canucks we just need a minute to recoup and start playing like how we know we can play! Go #Canucks! It's only game two

  • @concretefluff Pahlsson never says die. Thank you Pahlsson. #canucks

  • @DrewWillis10 Lu is playing like it's life or death, please #Canucks, help him out.

  • @shawnG2233 Top line of the Kings played really good. Dustin Brown with 2 goals... They got us shorthanded and on the PP. #Canucks

  • @kaushik_lohia On to the next one #Canucks


  • @HarV_Erless17  Awkward Silence At Home #Canucks

  • @sbarzin Meh just Game 2. Pens lost their second game as well. We'll comeback. We always do. #Canucks

  • @jennsaidthis Can't say I'm not disappointed, but they don't call it a best of 7 for nothing. #StillBelieve #Canucks

  • @angelQixy Let's just blame it on Friday the 13. #TIWWLF #Canucks #Believe

  • @michelleeliao We just gotta keep moving forward. Nobody said this was going to be easy. On to Game 3. We're all in this together #Canucks nation

The Canucks head down to Hollywood for a crucial matchup on Sunday at the Staples Center. Show your support on Twitterville for the blue and green and the Tweet trail will highlight all the action.