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Canucks Player Trivia

Thursday, 11.17.2005 / 9:00 PM PT / News
Vancouver Canucks
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Canucks Player Trivia
How Well Do You Know The Vancouver Canucks? Put Your Player Knowledge To The Test!

1. Which Canuck was a fan of the Montreal Canadiens as a youngster?
2. Which player would like to collect and sell antiques if he couldn't play professional hockey ?
3. This Canuck is the son of a former professional soccer player in Yugoslavia, who is he?
4. Which Canuck winger enjoys both playing and watching tennis and lists Roger Federer as his favorite player?
5. Which defenseman enjoys cooking in his spare time and particularly loves cooking Italian food?
6. Which player revealed that he hates planes and prefers traveling by trains?
7. Which Canuck is the proud owner of a Great Dane puppy named Zeus?
8. Which Canadian Canuck is the only current player to have played for the New Jersey Devils?