Advice for Mr. Linden

Friday, 13.06.2014 / 2:06 PM
Derek Jory

Kids say the darndest things, just ask Trevor Linden.

When Linden became president of the Vancouver Canucks in April he quickly realized there would be no shortage of advice on how to best do his job.

Newspaper, TV and radio reporters weighed in on what needed to be done, when and why; fans had their say via social media and Linden was overwhelmed with advice for a solid month before things quieted down.

Then a package arrived at Rogers Arena from McKay Elementary in Richmond, BC. Enclosed was a collection of 56 letters from students, ages 6 to 11, with each congratulating Linden on becoming team president and offering up advice – raw, humourous, priceless, amazing advice.

Some letters were from the heart, others shot through the heart. Below are some of the more creative entries; click here to view the full gallery of goodness.

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