Caption This: Steel oats

Monday, 15.04.2013 / 3:21 PM
Derek Jory

Put your thinking caps on and turn creativity to HIGH.

Thursday's Behind the Lens gallery, shot by Jeff Vinnick, featured the photo below of Zack Kassian getting his hair air shampooed by Kevin Bieksa during the team breakfast. As the captioner of these galleries, sometimes the captions are obvious and they flow right out of me, other times, like this one, I gots nothing.

After agonizing for 10 minutes, the caption I finally landed on was Steel oats with Juice on the side; is he really eating steel oats? Who knows. Bieksa, aka Juice, is more in the middle than on the side, but I was implying that - oh nevermind.

I think you can do better. Leave your caption in a comment below and we'll create a gallery using the top 10 comments, as selected by super intern Colin Hope.

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