Cherry Picking: Feb. 5, 2013

Tan-Man Scores, Kassian Commericals & Horse Fans

Tuesday, 05.02.2013 / 1:38 PM
Colin Hope

Chris Tanev makes his first NHL goal a big one

“TAN-MAN! TAN-MAN! TAN-MAN!” Chris Tanev was the centre of attention (check out his post-game interview here) following his first NHL goal, an OT winner at that. "The reaction is awesome," the star of the night said "guys are pumped up and I thank them for everything." Read

Tanev's First NHL goal lifts Canucks over Oilers in overtime 3-2

We really like Chris Tanev so let’s enjoy that game winner again via Sean Larson at Nucks Misconduct. Read

Spector on Canucks: An Enviable Position

Roberto Luongo, fresh off his 3rd star of the week, has been fantastic in net to start the season. His great play is making it tough for Cory Schneider to find time in the net, but that’s a great problem to have says Mark Spector. Read

Zack Kassian is basically the best: a photo gallery

The Zack Kassian fan club just picked up Jason Bourne from Backhand Shelf who has a real passion for #9’s pictures. Read

A close look at Zack Kassian’s star turn in one of the worst Subway commercials ever

Jared from Subway has best lookout because Zack Kassian is coming for his job. The delivery is impeccable. I’m assuming this was done in one take, and why not? Flawless execution. Huge thumbs up to PassItToBulis for digging this gem up from Zack’s days as a Windsor Spitfire. Read

Rapid Fire

- The Canucks took their Tanev Love-fest to the Twitterverse, let’s take a look:

@zkassian9 How about our boy Tanman!!! Only waits till end of OT to pot the 1st one! Good thing he put out his smoke before the celebration!

Kevin Bieksa (@kbieksa3) February 5, 2013

Yeah Chris!!!

David Booth (@D_Booth7) February 5, 2013

Congratulations to Chris tanev on his first career #NHL GOAL #OTWINNER #NOBIGDEAL #roomieontheroad

zack kassian (@zkassian9) February 5, 2013

Big congrats to Chris Tanev on his first NHL goal tonight!! OT Winner too! What a beauty! #tanman

Jordan Schroeder(@J_Schroeder90) February 5, 2013

I used to make that guy breakfast!!!!!

Eddie Lack (@eddielack) February 5, 2013

- Awesome Canuck stickers here.

- What’s with long faces in the crowd in Rexall?

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