North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
BIRTHDATE: 18 February 1990
BORN IN: Haliburton, ON, CAN

On trying to pattern his game after Sidney Crosby:  I try to play like Sidney Crosby -- obviously not to his level, but something like that style. 


On getting his start in hockey:  I got into hockey because my dad always loved hockey.  We’re a really big hockey oriented family.  My brother got into it when he was younger, so I had to join in after.  And I started skating on the lake at my cottage.  I got into the game when I was four and loved it.


On growing up in a hockey-oriented family: I think having an older brother is great because I  always got that competition.  Growing up, you're always playing ball hockey against him or any different aspect of hockey -- always competing in little games.  I think that really played into where I am today.  Also, I have  two younger sisters that play as well.  So we were really a hockey-oriented family.


On the Markham Waxers:  (Playing for Markham) was a great experience.  Their coach, Paul Titanic, really taught me a lot about the game.  He taught me when I was eight years-old all the way up, basically.  I played a couple of years on the Junior Canadians and went back to him in minor midget to play with Stamkos and Del Zotto.  That was an incredible year.  We lost like two games all year.


On playing for Team Ontario at the Canada Winter Games: That was an unbelievable experience, probably the best experience I've ever had in hockey.  It was a lot of fun up there with the guys.  It was minus-25 on the warmest day.  But it was a lot of fun just to be around the guys and to win, obviously, make it's even more special.


On ‘playing’ for the Stanley Cup:  I think every game at the end is always for the Stanley Cup when you're young.  Every game, last goal wins and it's always for the Stanley Cup. 


On his thoughts about the Draft:  I try not to worry about it during the year that much.  Just play the way I know how to play.  That is the main thing.  If I can do that, good things will happen.


On his favorite activity away from the rink:  My favorite activity away from the rink is water skiing.


On his most embarrassing hockey moment:  Actually, my most embarrassing hockey moment was back in pee wee when we had the Bell Challenge All-Star Game and the skills competition.  We were only allowed to go in two events and I messed up in both of them.