Limited number of tickets were just released for tomorrow’s GAME 5 vs. the FLAMES
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LaBarbera, Jason (G) ANA 18 Jan 1980 Burnaby, BC, CAN
Lafayette, Nathan (C) 17 Feb 1973 New Westminster, BC, CAN
Lachance, Scott (D) 22 Oct 1972 Charlottesville, VA, USA
Lack, Eddie (G) VAN 5 Jan 1988 Norrtälje, SWE
Lain, Kellan (C) EDM 11 Aug 1989 Oakville, ON, CAN
Lalonde, Robert (C) 27 Mar 1951 Montreal, QC, CAN
Lampman, Mike (L) 20 Apr 1950 Lakewood, CA, USA
Langdon, Darren (L) 8 Jan 1971 Deer Lake, NL, CAN
Lanthier, Jean-Marc (R) 27 Mar 1963 Montreal, QC, CAN
Lanz, Rick (D) 16 Sep 1961 Karlovy Vary, CZE
Lapierre, Maxim (C) PIT 29 Mar 1985 Saint-Léonard, QC, CAN
Larionov, Igor (C) 3 Dec 1960 Voskresensk, RUS
Lawless, Paul (L) 2 Jul 1964 Scarborough, ON, CAN
Leblanc, John (R) 21 Jan 1964 Campbellton, NB, CAN
Ledyard, Grant (D) 19 Nov 1961 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Leeb, Brad (R) 27 Aug 1979 Red Deer, AB, CAN
Leeman, Gary (R) 19 Feb 1964 Toronto, ON, CAN
Lemay, Maurice (L) 18 Feb 1962 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Lemieux, Rich (C) 19 Apr 1951 Temiscamingue, QC, CAN
Lenardon, Tim (C) 11 May 1962 Trail, BC, CAN
Letowski, Trevor (R) 5 Apr 1977 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
Lever, Donald (C) 14 Nov 1952 South Porcupine, ON, CAN
Levie, Craig (D) 17 Aug 1959 Calgary, AB, CAN
Lidster, Douglas (D) 18 Oct 1960 Kamloops, BC, CAN
Linden, Trevor (C) 11 Apr 1970 Medicine Hat, AB, CAN
Lindgren, Lars (D) 13 Oct 1952 Pitea, SWE
Lindgren, Mats (C) 1 Oct 1974 Skellefteå, SWE
Lockett, Ken (G) 30 Aug 1947 Toronto, ON, CAN
Logan, David (D) 2 Jul 1954 Montreal, QC, CAN
Loney, Brian (R) 9 Aug 1972 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Lowry, Dave (L) 14 Feb 1965 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Lukowich, Brad (D) 12 Aug 1976 Cranbrook, BC, CAN
Lumme, Jyrki (D) 16 Jul 1966 Tampere, FIN
Lunde, Len (C) 13 Nov 1936 Campbell River, BC, CAN
Luongo, Roberto (G) FLA 4 Apr 1979 Montreal, QC, CAN
Lupul, Gary (C) 20 Apr 1959 Powell River, BC, CAN
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